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Educator + Illustrator + Designer + Art Administrator 


My work as an educator is student and community focused.

I strive to foster a classroom environment where students feel safe to learn about the themselves, the world, and each other through creative exploration & lessons. 



My illustration work is heavily inspired by the magical nature that surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, I spent most of my time running around the forest that surrounded our home and at the beach spying on the tiny tide pool communities of sea creatures. I was also lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of family who all loved to tell stories and make people laugh. Humor is how we got through the challenging parts of life and storytelling was how we passed down family history and lore. These deep roots in storytelling and nature allowed me to develop an active Imagination and a love of magic and the fantastical.

- Themes of my work include -

The beauty of pacific northwest nature

The wonders of childhood

The complexity of adulthood

Emotions & relationships


I strive to make functional designs that are thoughtful, beautiful, and inspire joy. I try to honor and celebrate diversity, playfulness, and sustainability. I design websites, logos, and other graphic design projects.

Arts Administration.

Developing websites, managing fundraising efforts, coordinating events, and assisting with organizational processes and communications are just a few of the administrative tasks I do for several arts non-profits at this time. I enjoy helping organizations manage their inner workings day to day to serve the larger mission!

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